Reel Catch Gift Set

$37.80 $53.99

Hook Line & Snacker with exotic meats and craft cheeses that keep you afloat with protein packed wild game fuel! The Hunter's Reserve tackle box is packed with venison, elk and wild boar 4 oz. summer sausages, sharp cheddar and jalapeño-pepper 4 oz. shelf stable Wisconsin craft cheese bars paired with 1.4 oz of stone-ground mustard. A gift box you have to snag!

4 oz. of venison summer sausage

4 oz. of elk summer sausage

4 oz. of wild-boar summer sausage

4 oz. sharp cheddar cheese

4 oz. jalapeño-pepper cheese

1.4-oz. jar of stone ground mustard

Packaged in a Tackle Box

Made in USA (Food Products & Tackle Box)